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HP Mini 110 series Repairs


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HP Mini 110 Bad LCD, Color Bleed and Lines When you experience low quality display on your HP Mini 110, bring or mail it into Dr. Laptop’s repair shop and we’ll reinstall a new LCD. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Cracked Screen Repair Dr. Laptop can replace your broken or shattered HP Mini 110’s screen with a brand new screen, right in our shop. Repair time is within 20 minutes! Product Details
HP Mini 110 Fan and Overheating Repair Dr. Laptop provides new fan installation when yours goes down and causes overheating. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Full Software Services Dr. Laptop offers full software services, starting with diagnostics and ending with all necessary repairs. Our services include: • OS installation • RAM upgrades • Data backup • Data retrieval • Tune-ups • Virus removal Product Details
HP Mini 110 Hard Drive Repair Has your hard drive crashed? No problem: Dr. Laptop can repair it for you or replace it with a new, HP hard drive. Hard drive upgrades are also available. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Internal Audio Speaker Repair Sound quality gone down a bit ? Have no fear, Dr. Laptop’s repair center can install new speakers or repair your old ones to return the clarity your music playlists deserve. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Loose or Damaged Audio Jack Repair When the audio jack goes out, so does the music. Dr.Laptop will repair or replace your audio in/out jack in short time. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Loose or Unresponsive USB Port Repair Loose or bent USB jacks means your computer isn’t working optimally. Our Dallas repair center tightens and clears the debris inside your HP Mini 110 jacks. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Low Battery Replacement When your HP Mini 110 runs out of steam, it’s just ready for a new battery. Dr. Laptop’s repair shop provides brand new batteries while you wait or via our mail-in service. Repair time is minimal. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Low Connectivity Repair The most important feature of your HP Mini 110 is its great connectivity features. When you can’t find a signal anymore, Dr. Laptop will reconnect you. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Motherboard Problems Are you receiving all kinds of errors when you start up your HP Mini 110? Your motherboard might be failing. Dr. Laptop has your replacement in shop! Your HP Mini 110 will work just as smoothly as the day you bought it. Product Details
HP Mini 110 New Keyboard or Key Replacement If your keyboard is unresponsive or some keys have worn down, Dr. Laptop can replace it with new, original keys, so it looks and functions like new. Product Details
HP Mini 110 New Outer Case Replacement Need a new HP Mini 110 outer case? Dr. Laptop will replace your damaged casing with a new original part. We provide same day service for walk-ins. Product Details
HP Mini 110 Power Cable Jack Repair Dr. Laptop can repair any loose or broken power jacks on your HP Mini 110. Bring it in today for same day service. Product Details