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IdeaPad Z460 Repairs


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IdeaPad Z460 Audio In/Out Jack Repair If you can’t hear your friends on Skype, or the music through your headphones is low or cutting out, bring your Lenovo IdeaPad into our repair center and we will have it ready for you in no time. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Audio Speakers Repair or Replacement Is the sound going out on your Lenovo IdeaPad Z460? Dr. Laptop has new Lenovo IdeaPad speakers for your repair in stock. Come by our repair shop today for same-day service! Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Bent or Damaged USB Ports Repair and Replacement Sometimes laptop’s USB ports get damaged loose over time. When this happens, bring your Lenovo IdeaPad Z460 into our repair center, and we’ll repair or replace these ports on the same day. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Full Screen Replacement (Cracks, Damage, Etc.) When your Lenovo IdeaPad Z460 screen is damaged, Dr. Laptop can replace it with a brand new screen in very little time! We only use manufacturer-certified Lenovo IdeaPad Z460 screens in our replacements, so your laptop will look and feel brand new. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Hard Disk Drive Repair and Replacement Need more room for all your files, or is your Lenovo IdeaPad not reading your internal hard drive? Not to worry, Dr. Laptop can hook you up with a new hard drive, right in our repair center. Come by today for same day service! Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Internal Fan Repair and Replacement If the surface of your IdeaPad feels hot enough to fry an egg, or if plumes of smoke are billowing out of the side vents, then you might want to bring it into Dr. Laptop’s repair shop, so we can install a new fan. Repair time is very short, and we’ll have Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Keyboard and Single Key Replacement Dr. Laptop provides full keyboard replacements for your Lenovo IdeaPad Z460 in our shop. If you just need individual keys, we can replace them while you wait. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 LCD Quality Issues When your LCD bleeds or lines are running up and down the whole screen, take your IdeaPad Z460 into our repair center and we will replace it for you shortly. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Lithium-ion Battery Replacement Quickly losing life on your Lenovo IdeaPad? If you feel that the internal battery is giving out, Dr. Laptop can install a brand new, original Lenovo IdeaPad battery in 10 minutes or less – while you wait. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Memory (RAM) Upgrade If your IdeaPad is running slowly or keeps crashing on you unexpectedly, it might be time for a RAM upgrade. Bring your IdeaPad Z460 into our repair center today and we will have it fully upgraded in a flash. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 New Motherboard Installation Dr. Laptop provides full repair services for the Lenovo IdeaPad Z460. If your Lenovo IdeaPad Z460 is on the fritz, it might be your motherboard. We offer same-day, while-you-wait motherboard repair and replacement. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Operating System Software Install If you’d like a newer version of Windows or Linux installed onto your Lenovo IdeaPad Z460, or if you’d like to replace your existing OS, Dr. Laptop can perform these installations in no time, right in our Galleria-area repair center. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Outer Case Replacement If your Lenovo IdeaPad is rough around the edges, Dr. Laptop can replace your outer casing in our shop. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Power Port Connector Repair Sometimes the power jack can get clogged with debris, or the pin can bend, making it difficult to charge your IdeaPad. Dr. Laptop can repair this in very little time. Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Software Diagnostics If you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your Lenovo IdeaPad, don’t worry. Dr. Laptop can fully diagnose your laptop while you wait. Once we’ve found the problem, we can repair your Lenovo IdeaPad while you wait (and usually in about 15 minutes). Product Details
IdeaPad Z460 Wi-Fi Connectivity (Network Card Replacement) If you are not receiving a Wi-Fi signal, your laptop may need a new network card. Dr. Laptop can install a new card on the same day you bring it into our shop. Product Details